Eco Cane Cat Litter 3.28kg

Eco Cane


Made from the by-product of yuca and sugarcane fiber, Eco Cane Cat LitterTM is free from any chemicals, perfumes, dyes and other harmful synthetics, while delivering a proven naturally superior performance you and your cat can rely on. Absorbs up to 8 times its mass.

  • No added chemicals
  • 100% renewable ingredients
  • The health of your pet and of nature always come first
  • Only yuca and sugarcane

Sustainability was the main premise during product conception, development of the technology for production and the final packaging of Eco Cane Cat LitterTM.

We believe that as important as developing a product that meets the demands of pet owners and their pets, is causing the lowest possible impact on the environment.


Eco Cane Cat LitterTM is produced with leftover from the agricultural industry (yuca and sugarcane bagasse) with no added chemicals. These raw materials are 100% natural and renewable. See below the production cycle of the product.


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